We gave our kids a box of 600 legos at their birthday party. And went to see the Lego Movie the day after. I can’t get “Everything is awesome” out of my head. And my children have become lego addicts. Or “Master Builders.” We spend hours on the living room floor with legos. Making up stories, building houses, stores, people…. And me sneaking in quick lessons in math using blocks or stacks of legos.

My first bra arrived yesterday. I took some pictures of it. I’m holding off on a review until I’ve got the other one as well. Since having a comparison of Polish brands is nice.

I’ve been perusing the Freya website to look at their SS14 collection of swimwear. They have a few cute things. But I kinda hate swimsuit shopping. Everything is always expensive, and it’s incredibly rare that I find something in my size. Enough whining for the day…