I’m Back

I’m back. Probably. For now. I knew this would happen. I’m the least reliable blogger. I’ve been meaning to update since Christmas pretty much and just have NOT made the time. Since it is pump day, I should at least mention that I did get some awesome pumps for Christmas. Although I haven’t worn them out of the house yet for obvious reasons. My husband bought me Christian Louboutins. The Bianca. And since I live in the great wet PNW, I haven’t let them venture past my front door. I don’t want to get into a big update-y post. But I think there are a few things to note… K has gotten significantly better at reading. M is a math whiz with great hand writing. And A is picking up on some math and sight words along with his siblings. He’s still mostly interested in coloring and singing, but what can you expect? We are considering sending the older two to a Christian school next year.

Everyone had birthdays over the last month. We’re having a party Sunday at our house. It’s set up to be quite some fun for the kids. Though I don’t have anything in mind for entertaining the parents… Oh well. We’ll pick up some snacks and just hang out.

For Valentine’s Day, I entered a contest by my favorite bra maker… and won. Which was a bit of a surprise for me… Giveaways are not usually my thing. I enter them but I have the creative capacity of a teaspoon generally speaking so I wasn’t expecting to win a contest. I got my shipping notification the other day. And in a week or two, I will have a new bra. For free. Awesome, IMHO. I also decided to try a second Polish bra company, just based on options for variety and great reviews. This I’m less sure will end up being a good fit. New company, new style (plunge instead of my favored half cup) and European sizing… Let’s call this a little adventure. That shipped yesterday. If there’s any interest, I can review both bras (although I’m not one of the people you’re going to see on the internet in her bra) after they get here. Actually, considering I don’t have a consistent readership as far as I know… I shouldn’t probably ask for interest. I’ll just review them and maybe people will stumble across the post and it’ll be helpful…

And ending my post with prayer requests…

The brakes on our car went out. We need a solution for that. A speedy one, I mean.

My husband just had a job interview… I’d like them to offer it to him with a nice salary.

And K’s numbers were up after her last labs… Let’s hope for the increase in her cellcept to bring them back down. And for remissions, while we’re at it. Her next appt is complete with an ultrasound. Hopefully things look good. That’s not until May, but I’ll keep you all posted.


Week 2 (the first half) In which there are fish

We have a pretty good schedule going, in my opinion. The core subjects are done every day. And then we alternate in science experiments and lessons, time with puzzles and just whatever catches our interest. The kids are catching on with their Chinese faster than I anticipated. And in ways I couldn’t predict. My two year old has been singing songs and using phrases he picks up on Kai-Lan when he’s just watching TV, and I think it’s because we have had a lot of extra language exposure the last week. They can easily sing all the words to Ni Wa Wa, and Two Tigers. Recognize a few others. And can identify weather, living room furniture and some body parts. So I started teaching them a body parts song. I figure we can start playing Simon Says.

K has yet to show much of an interest in reading. She does her best to avoid it. But she’s good with her sight words on flash cards. So we’ll just keep working on it. I figured she’d love to read because I do. I told her that Belle loves to read, which is why The Beast gave her that library. I’m hoping that inspires her. It probably wont. She has no problem sitting down to do her math workbooks though. And she’s trucking through them with relative ease.  We also do counting songs. Count to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. The boys are easily counting to 20. Everyone recognizes the alphabet in lower and uppercase.

School seems to be going well thus far. Not nearly as frustrating as I expected. I imagine that will come later. Especially after a conversation with K in Costco the other night…

“What kind of salmon is that?”

“It’s not salmon. It is tilapia.”

“What kind of salmon is tilapia?”

“It’s not salmon at all. It’s a different fish. It’s tilapia.”

“Well what kind of fish is it?”

Week One

We didn’t do a full week of homeschool this week. Instead opting to copy our school district and start on Wednesday. So far, the children seem to be really enjoying themselves. I allow the boys to come and go from the table as they please (as long as nobody is sneaking crayons, glue or scissors away when they go) and keep K focused on her activities through the morning.

Day one was a little nerve wracking, to be honest. But we got up at 7am, as per usual, and started school at 9am. After coffee, breakfast and meds were had by all. Which is not to say everyone got coffee and medicine. I got coffee. K got the mmf, prednisone, ursodiol and bactrim. Everyone had breakfast. We started school with Chinese. I’ve found that doing the two short “Follow Jade” lessons on YouTube yields quick results. We also listen to a few songs. Day one I taught the words to Ni Wa Wa. And did some Living Room vocab. After Chinese was Bible Study. I introduced the story of Moses so we had some context for learning the 10 Commandments. This included coloring pages. Then we read alphabet soup, did a puzzle with upper and lowercase letters, and K wrote her name a few times. The boys just did the first letters of their names.  For math we counted to 100 (the boys stop at 20) and then the counting by 10s song. The boys wandered off after that, and K and I moved on to her addition and subtraction workbooks. For science, we covered the 5 senses. The boys came back. We did cut and paste from a magazine for examples of each sense. And then a fun little blind taste test. There may have been sriracha. We did lunch (the kids watch Magic School Bus while I cook) and then it was nap time for the boys so I let K play on Starfall on the computer in my room.

Day 2 was more impromptu. I followed the same basic schedule. But after a stormy night, decided to focus more of the lessons on that. I taught the kids about rain, thunder, lightning and the water cycle. Our new Chinese words were cloudy, cloud and rain. We made pictures of rain clouds with construction paper. Our bible story was Noah’s Ark. And so on.

Day 3- The children were less enthusiastic about starting today. So we stayed in our pajamas. We did our Chinese. We kept on with Ni Wa Wa but also learned the Two Tigers song. I had to look it up because my littlest had seemingly picked it up from Kai-Lan and I wanted to know what he was singing. We worked on the 3rd Commandment. Learned about seasons. And made a (fall) tree out of construction paper cut outs of our hands. K did her workbooks. And there were a lot of puzzles. Lazy day.

And so concludes our first week. Tomorrow, I’ll blog about health stuff.