Spring Cleaning

I skipped pump day in favor of deep cleaning my house. I washed walls, and dusted, and vaccumed in corners and behind furniture… something I often neglect to do. And with the blinds open and the sun pouring in it seems brighter and warmer. And of course it actually IS brighter and warmer.  But more cheerful.

I’m trying to arrange to meet up with Lindsey of nwbackyardveggies.com to see if she’ll walk me through processing a fryer. I’ve watched a few videos so I know HOW to do it technically. I just had this fear that I’ll get all set up. Breed some rabbits. Grab my tools. And then I’ll look down at the fryers and they’ll all turn into Clover from Sophia The First and I’ll be immediately unable to take off their heads.

I’m also super excited to get my Whole30 started. I have a huge grocery list based on a bunch of recipes I’ve recently collected on Pinterest. I’m awaiting a dehydrator (a surprise gift from Mr. Music) in the mail one of these days. I’ll be making fruit snacks, fruit leather, jerky and paleo trail mixes… Can’t wait. 🙂 Still not on board with trying kale or brussel sprouts, though, so those are not on my list. I think I’ll start with a Whole30 meal tonight. Like that steak and radish recipe from Holly Would If She Could… It’s sunny, after all. A perfect day for grilling.


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