Homestead Hopeful

I think we’re going to enjoy this new schedule that gives my husband a three day weekend. We had Friday to play around. In this case we took the kids out to the mall and let them play at a bounce house, and went shopping for new work shoes for Mr. Music. Saturday was for relaxing. The husband ushered us all out the door shortly after 9am and dropped me off for a surprise hour long massage, sugar scrub and peppermint scalp massage. Sunday we had church (my weekend in the nursery) followed up by our trip up to the hospital to pick up my daughter’s medications. We of course stopped at the mall up there for fun after. M got to have his first trip to the salon and now has a real professional haircut. It’s a little short for a faux-hawk. Apparently the woman was trying to hide his cow lick. But it spikes nicely and will grow into the right length for a fauxhawk shortly. Of course we ended the night by watching the return of Game Of Thrones.

I’ve been spending spare time reading about raising rabbits for meat. There’s a lot of information out there about how to house them, feed them, etc. I’m going to raise mine outside. I’m thinking I’ll do it partially colony style. Keeping the does and young bucks together, but separating the breeding buck so I can control breeding. I’ll keep his hutch/cage adjacent so he can have nose to nose contact though. I read a lot about pasturing but it seems like something I’d just want a lot more (flat) yard for so I’m likely not going to do that. I’ll just take them out in basically want amounts to a baby play yard for a bit each day and let them play/hop/graze. I spoke to K about this. She’s been begging for a pet bunny for the last year. And I said we might get some, but they’d be food except for the breeders. She said she was ok with that. I figure when I end up having to cull them in a few years, we’ll put the does to stew and let K take the buck inside to keep. So I don’t have to break her little heart. My husband suggests we name the bunnies after characters from GoT since they’re all doomed to die. I think that’s about the most hilarious thing ever. He also suggests that I keep the pelts to make stuff… but I’m not exactly suzy homemaker when it comes to sewing. In fact, I’ve got a $185 sewing machine just sitting in my closet that I’d sell if I thought I could because I just suck at it. And I don’t particularly enjoy it. So I’ll likely try to sell or trade them. Probably will make and sell lucky rabbits feet as well. And use the ears to make dog treats. I don’t have or enjoy dogs,  but it seems like a good market. A lot of people around here love organic homegrown things, and love their dogs like children.

Anyway… It’s Monday. Back to the homeschool grind.


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