Get Fit

I’ve had a hard time getting into a workout routine. But taking my measurements and a step on the scale yesterday (after wondering why the outfit I chose for Sunday’s babyshower was so snug…) was a HUGE wake up call. I’m not going to post them but I will say that I weigh as much as I tend to after I have a baby. So… yuck. I’m all soft and my clothes are fighting me. My husband has started a new schedule at work (4 tens) and as such, has to be up and out an hour earlier. Leaving me a good 1.5hrs before my kiddos get up to work out and sit down with a cup of post work out green tea. Obviously if I’m dieting, I’ll have to abandon my unhealthy morning coffee most days. I tried “ballet bootcamp” because I found it on YouTube and got a great workout. It’s definitely a top cardio choice. And I’d like to lift at least 3 days a week. And use Sunday as a day for just stretching. I can’t have a rest day with no stretching because it’ll kill my bad knees.

I’ve started having the kids do Cosmic Yoga before A takes a nap. They’re obviously not in need of any diet or weightloss but healthy habits start early. I’ve been half-assedly paleo (and thus the kids have been as well) for a while now. But I’m going to really clamp down starting this month. Whole30 style. With the exception of Easter treats. And even that will be as healthy and limited as possible. My daughter has already started the Easter countdown, so of course we’ll have a big chocolate bunny. And participate in the egg hunt at church.


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