It’s pump day again….

We’re on lesson 5 of the Grasp Chinese videos on YouTube. My children seem to be much more interested in lesson 3. (We review the last two before starting a new one.) In lesson three they go over ordering coffee etc. So my children are now constantly telling me they want coffee. “Wo yao…” every food word they know. It’s cute. Almost as cute as the fact that my children walk around singing the Spiderman theme song. All. The. Time. And making up other songs… to the spiderman theme song tune…

Best story lately:

“Venom is not happy. He is always mad.” – M

“Yeah… It’s almost like the dementors sucked all his happy out.” – K

So I’ve managed to complete my Thanksgiving menu. We have almost all the ingredients at home. Mr. Music will be picking up the turkey today and we’ll be grabbing all produce this weekend. Below is the menu plan:

Turkey (of course)



Corn muffins

Green bean casserole

Candied yams

Mashed potatoes



Cranberry sauce

Crescent rolls

Apples and caramel dip (for the kids)

Apple Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Spiced Apple Cider


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