Embracing other blog traditions…

As you’ve all probably realized based on the fact that I comment, I stalk other homeschooling blogs. And of course anything containing recipes for gluten free foods… or coffee… And today I’m embracing a tradition from one of my favorites: Pump Day. Just a little mid-week pick-me-up. I like to dress in my pajamas all day while I teach. I’m lazy like that. And it’s warm. I don’t exactly live in the warmest state in the world. But what woman doesn’t like to feel pretty occasionally? So today I decided to throw on some nice jeans and some pumps. I’d like to invest in a variety of colored tights so I can continue wearing skirts and dresses, but it’s not in the finances right now.  If you want to read more Pump Day goodness, head over to http://thehomeschoolmomblog.wordpress.com and read through her posts.

Back to talking about school… We’re bringing a little more structure to our homeschool classroom this week. My boys were getting wild and wiggly and distracting poor K from her studies. So we’re locking it down. A little more time on the workbooks, reading aloud and focusing more on conversational vocabulary for Chinese rather than just the songs and fun stuff. M is able to write his name without help now. A still just does an a… but I think that’s epic for a two year old, to be honest. K is working on her proper capitalization and doing pretty well lately. I’d like everyone to be able to hold a basic conversation in Mandarin by the new year and I think we are on the right track.

A lot is going on in my personal life right now, so I’m sorry if I’ve been neglecting the blog a little or seem distracted. I’ve been keeping a personal journal as well and it presses me for time. I have been spending the middle of my day in prayer and Bible study. Eliminating most of the time I would spend in the blogosphere.


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