Fall Jam

As we all know, yesterday was Halloween. Of course I chose a Halloween themed Chinese lesson for the kids, despite the fact that Halloween isn’t really celebrated anywhere but the west. My children aren’t well versed in Chinese culture or the meaning of Halloween, so I figured they’d let it slide. It was a good chance to add some vocabulary words, and make sure they actually know a few others. So they notice if I call the pumpkin anything but orange. Or refer to it as an apple. Fruit is oddly their favorite thing to learn about.

Last night, we dressed the kids up in their respective costumes and headed over to a local church for their “Fall Jam.” We enjoy large church events because it never falls to be cold and wet here in the Pacific Northwest. Last year we went to a place up in Everett that was pretty awesome. This year we hit CFAN. They seemed to be a little newer to the idea. A little unorganized and understaffed. But all their volunteers were happy to be there, they were generous with the candy, there was an inflatable, and the kids had a great time. I did learn, however, that my homeschool routine is greatly lacking the “dance party” arena. They had a room for a black light dance party. The Music Kids were pretty excited at the idea… But immediately froze in the middle of the room. They seriously just stood there. Eventually M (a power ranger) managed some jumping and arm waving. But K (Tinkerbell) cried and we cut it short. A (Buzz Lightyear) didn’t seem discontent being there… but he also wasn’t exactly getting his groove on.

At home we sorted through the candy. I managed to get rid of all the gum, taffy and war heads to a pair of trick-or-treaters who ended up on our porch because my husband didn’t realize that turning on your porch light means you have candy. And so now I’m doling out the not-so-chewy stuff to K, the gf stuff to M, and… primarily suckers A. His choice.

Today is, of course, the first day of November. So I’ve started my menu planning and shopping list for Thanksgiving. I’ll probably share my choices here. And I’ll just mention now, everything will be gluten free, or have a gluten free duplicate for M. So if you need a recipe, feel free to ask and I’ll share it. Somewhere I’m pretty sure I have a gluten free cream of mushroom soup recipe… which is a must have for making green bean casserole.


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