Don’t tell my children that writing letters is a thing of the past. We decided to practice this dying art form today. Above is a picture I snapped with my phone of A signing his letter. It’s always nice to see your kids making some progress. The boys are counting to 20 with 80% accuracy. They like to skip 14 for no reason I can understand. M and K are doing some basic addition and subtraction. K is reading. A recognized the word Go. Both boys recognize their names. And can write the first letter.

We are working on Days of the Week. They seem to know the names of them, but in no particular order. So we’re learning the song. The kids clearly favor learning Chinese. Although probably because they don’t think they’re doing any work just learning songs for 30 minutes a day. They all know some colors now. I’m probably going to start adding colors to my descriptions of things. Since our chopsticks and bowls etc are color coded for the kids, it shouldn’t be hard. Although then we’re likely only to learn green, pink and blue….

How does anyone keep up with housework when they’re doing school the first half of the day? This lack of dishwasher is killing me. And I never seem to fold all my laundry.


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