One more week down…

K hasn’t discovered a great love of reading yet. But the boys have picked up a few site words, so I will call that a victory for reading this week. Another blogger posted a comment suggesting some read-a-long audio books. So I think a trip to the library this weekend is in order. I have some books to return this week anyway. Maybe K can get her own card. Then when I forget to turn things in on time (which is pretty much an inevitability) they wont fine me. haha.

All the kids are making some great leaps with math. And Chinese. A is especially great at sponging up this new language. Mr. Music pointed out that as a 2 year old, likely it seems only as much like gibberish as my using new or big words in English. The older kids are more concerned about what the lyrics of each song translate to. A wanders around my house singing in Chinese non-stop these days. I caught a video for facebook the other day. Which I may have already mentioned here… Sorry if I did.

The kids are slowly but surely memorizing the 10 Commandments. And have been enjoying Bible stories and songs every day. And I started teaching them the days of the week. Since they don’t have the best concept of time. They used to think it was a new day every time they took a nap. And had no idea what “yesterday” or “tomorrow” really were. So we’re miles ahead of that, at least.

My bestie suggested we do a field trip soon. Of course I’m a jerk so I’ve already forgotten what her idea was. But field trips are always a great idea! So hopefully we’ll plan that out. I’m looking into a local pumpkin patch to visit. For fun. Any ideas for making that more educational? I’m thinking “writing prompt” for my 6 year old.


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