About The Musics

Tomorrow I intend to post about our first week of homeschooling. I thought I would start the blog today with a little bit of an “about me” post about our family. I am a 26 year old, Christian mother of 3. My husband is a courier. Music Child #1 (K) is a 6 year old girl. She was born at 27 weeks has Autoimmune Hepatitis Type 1 and sclerosing cholangitis. So every morning starts with a cup of coffee for me, and a slew of meds for K. Music Child #2 (M) is 4. He was born at 33 weeks and is allergic to gluten. Music Child #3 is our blond bombshell… A. He was my first full term baby and is healthy as a horse. You know… the ones they don’t turn into glue.

We didn’t choose to homeschool because of the health issues (although that’s a perk) or because we are right wing christian nut jobs (though we totally are ;-} )… We did it because it felt right for our family. I worry a lot that I will be bad at it. I’m not worried my kids will be unsocialized weirdos. We are attempting to school on a small budget. The  blog is mostly to keep record and hold me accountable. I welcome tips and comments if you feel like following along.



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